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Testimonials ( past 14 years )

We found Luis through a referral by a friend and it turned our to be one of the best referrals we
have ever received. Our company computer network and a key laptop computer suddenly
developed several extremely serious problems all at one time that threatened to cause a
massive loss of data that would have been very detrimental to the company and our clients.

Luis determined the causes of the problems and corrected almost all of them within one day.
Part of the long term solution required soft wear that had to be obtained and installed which
Luis did within a few days.

We would highly recommend Luis' services and would be happy to answer any questions
anyone might have concerning our professional experiences with Luis.

Jim Stricklin

To Potential Clients of Luis Lednick

What a pleasure it was to find a computer professional as knowledgeable and helpful as Luis.
He was quick to identify the problem. He then set about finding the most economical solution for me.
When confronted with surprises associated with specific software he was willing to do the research
necessary to figure out how to make a program function as intended. It seemed like he was there
24/7 as I worked through the differences resulting from a new motherboard, and the quirks of
working with ICloud on a PC.

He is clearly the man that I will turn to in the future as I encounter the surprises created by new
hardware and software.

It is a pleasure to recommend him as a true and dedicated computer professional.

Please feel free to contact me for my personal endorsement.

L. Michael Foley



To new customers,

I have been working with Luis Lednick for over two years and I only have
good experiences with his services. He solve any problems that I have with
computers/ internet access/ parts, promptly. Luis has great customer
services skills.

Another good aspect of his services is that he is always available 24/7
which is a plus to know that on top of a quality service, we can always
count on him, even weekends and at night, as we need.

Luis has great prices for his services and he shops for the best deals on
parts and give us options to products, etc.

It is a pleasure to work with him.

Thank you,

Monica Pointer

Luis Lednick has provided House Calls to accommodate my working schedule over the past five years,
installing software and other equipment that I have purchased from him at greatly discounted prices.
He spends quality time in teaching me how to better use my computer, and has kept it in excellent
working order for me. Luis has a high level of expertise and I have always appreciated his ability to
share his knowledge with me through concise lessons with great patience. I have referred many
friends to him, all of whom are very satisfied with his work, and would never hesitate to recommend
Luis and his excellent skills to anyone requiring great computer products and knowledgeable assistance.


I have known Luis for several years. He is the only one who has taken care of all of my computer needs.
If he doesn't know it, no one probably knows it, and YOU certainly don't need to know it! I trust him implicitly
and truly he can do almost anything. I have even had him to my house on the occasion that I REALLY
screwed things up! He has taken care of my desktop and laptop. I am leaving San Diego soon after living
here for more than 30 years. I must say that I am only sorry about leaving two people.....my hairdresser and
Luis! It has been so important for me over these years to have someone so reliable, honest and knowledgeable
to manage my computer needs. Two thumbs up!


Luis- This Joe Golden. I bought my computer from you over two years ago and you have been
the sole person that has fixed my problems.

You were fast prompt and reasonable.

Good luck


Louis has been working with my family's computers for approximately 4 years
helping us overcome everything from crashed hard drives, to setting up a
new system. He is very knowledgeable and reliable. I have recommended him
to any of my friends who have had computer issues.

Sue Davey

The "Three R's"

It has often been said that children go to elementary school in order to learn the
"Three R's" (Reading, "Riting" and "Rithmatic). I turn to Luis Lednick for assistance
whenever I have a computer problem of any kind because he is a supurb technician
who has mastered his own

"Three R's"

1. Reliable - Luis is always there for you when you need him and your need gets
addressed in a highly professional manner (this guy really knows computers).

2. Rapid - He can't always provide "same-day-service" but if the problem is relatively
minor you are quite likely to get it (often right across the counter while you stand
there and marvel at what his magic fingers can do with just a keyboard and mouse).
He fixes difficult computer problems in a surprisingly short time (although impossible
ones sometimes take him a little longer).

3. Reasonable - Luis is one of the few people in San Diego I do not have to ask in
advance about an estimate for work that needs to be done. If it isn't cost/efficient
to do it, Luis will tell you in advance before you spend a cent. If it is, Luis will do
the work and present a bill that you will discover is always "cost/efficient."
Of course, you can go elsewhere for computer service --- but you won't get it
done any quicker or any better or at a fairer price.

Dennis S. Arthur

My name is Jim Brawley, owner and operator of F.J. Brawley Concrete, Inc.
With five computers in the office and two at home I would be lost without the prompt professional
service that Luis provides. I am very pleased with the continuing service he provides and the feed
back from friends and business associates I refer to him has been the same.

Jim Brawley

Luis does great work. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of computer hardware
and software. He is always willing and able to come at a moments notice when you need him
to repair and/or fix a problem. I would highly recommend that you use him for all your computer

Greg Parker

I started with luis as regular customer and since then I started dealing with him and refer him
to any one needs any computer work ..he is in time and acurate at work honest and not costy
and we became good friends since then ..I highly recommend this tech to be a friend of any
one needs any work due to his excellent customer services ...Mahir hakim the owner of
Chriss electric 619-328-7610

mahir hakim

Your the best! I love my new computer, thanks for installing. I'm not computer savvy, but you
helped me stay connected....thanks again!

Jessica Papasodero

Luis is wonderful to work with because he is so friendly and he responds to our problems
very quickly! When the company laptop we use for all of our bookkeeping and accounting
was having problems I was worried about how I would get any work done while it was being
fixed, Luis very generously let me borrow one of his own laptops so that I wouldn’t have any
down timeā€¦I didn’t even have to ask! That was much more than we had expected, he really
went above and beyond. Plus he did not charge us anything for using his computer for a week.
His rates are very reasonable and I feel that if I had to I could call him to fix one of my personal
computers at home and it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg!


The Millionaire Mentor, Inc.

Luis is friendly and knowledgeable. He gives you clear, easy to understand explanations.
You learn a lot. He really likes to help people, and solves their computer problems as if they
were his own. He gives you quality solutions at a very reasonable price. He’s like a doctor
who is happy to keep his patients healthy. He helps you to prevent problems. He is enthusiastic
and a pleasure to work with. It is so reassuring to know who to call to get expert and direct answers.
Luis gives us computer peace of mind!

Yolanda France and Michael Martin



"I am a retired psychiatrist. It intrigues me how computers have such a powerful emotional
impact on our lives. When it isn't working just right, it boggles the mind! More so than any
other devise we use in our lives. I am so glad that Luis is always there for me. Available to
rescue me from the frustration/anxiety/consternation of a computer glitch. Thanks, Luis, for
your efficient, reasonable, available help to me in time of need."

Dr. David WDH438@aol.com

"In these busy times we are all spread thin and it is great to have someone
like Luis to handle any computer problems that we have. Luis is our IT
service department now and he is always there when we need him"

Gregory Ray, VP Operations, FJ Brawley Concrete Inc.

I just wanted to thank you for your great help. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that when
I have a problem with my computer there is someone trustworthy and skilled that I can call.
I appreciate the fact that you promptly return my calls and that you have always found the time
to come to my aid promptly. Not only you are able to quickly determine the problem and correct it,
but you take the time to explain to me the cause and the steps I can take if it should happen in the
future. It’s like getting a computer lesson as a bonus!

I will forever be grateful to my friend, Steve, who recommended you , and to you for your expertise!


Connie Nickell

Luis is a dependable and expert Computer/Wireless-Network Doctor. He even does house calls!
Luis is very knowledgeable, timely. Once he makes a visit to your home for a computer-related
problem, he will be your Go-To Computer-Guy for life! I certainly appreciate all the data he has
saved me, problems he has corrected for me and most importantly the computer advice he has
provided me!

Give him a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Luis,

Keep up the great work!!!!


Loan Consultant/Realtor/MBA

First Financial



You are a delight to work with. Thank you so much for your assistance with my computer.
Here are some address and phone number labels for you.

Thank you again!!

Kay Torrans-Hoffner

Kwick Solutions, Inc.

Office and Fax: 619.523.3240 Cell: 619.823.0352

Luis Lednick is the only computer technician I would recommend. He was able to do what four
before him could not.

He knew what to do and took care of it right away. He kept in touch after the repair to be sure
it didn’t reoccur.

I recommended him to my daughter and he basically saved her system after it crashed.

He was able to actually improve her system to perform better than it was before the problem.

Luis is knowledgable, personable and prompt. His rates are also very affordable.

It’s a great relief to know that we have someone we can count on to keep us running smooth no
matter what.

We would recommend Luis to anyone and everyone.

Don and Linda

Luis was great! He arrived at our house on time. He spent 3 hours, without a break, getting
our home computer to reconnect to AT&T after we had unsuccessfully tried to "back date"
our computer software. Luis also cleaned out 178 computer viruses that had slipped through
our anti-virus Shield. After Luis left our home we discovered another problem with our business
office email connection and Luis was able to fix the problem over the phone.

We highly recommend Luis Lednick.
Jim and Loretta Marsh
San Diego

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with my most recent computer
problems. You responded so fast and were able to correct everything exactly the way it
needed to be. I have relied on your knowledge and help for over 8 years and you have always
been there to help me whatever the problems have been. You know more about computers
than anyone I know. I am certain that you have saved me many thousands of dollars of lost
income by your quick, effective, efforts. Thank you again for everything you have done for me.

Western Mortgage Service
tel 877-788-4500
fax 866-708-2974

To Whom it May Concern:
I could write a long-winded testimonial about Luis, but those you can read elsewhere, of those
of which I concur. The bottom line is that I haven't needed Luis for 3 years since he fixed my
computer last time and the only reason that I did need him is because I didn't do what he told
me to do. Good news is he came and helped me out, inexpensively as always, the bad news
is that I probably won't get to see him again in the near future. Maybe I'll do something on purpose?

Mark Mariani


Luis, you are a life saver. You have, once again, rescued me from my own folly and the
occasional attack of malevolent gremlins in cyberspace. Thank you for your good work,
your prompt attention, and all your support. Don Kripke, a grateful client.

Donald Kripke, M.D.

I cannot say enough about the service I received from Luis Lednick Computer Services.
It was amazing!!! I am a neophyte on computers and had many issues to correct and
change on my business and personal computers. Mr. Lednick was prompt and is
extremely knowledgeable. He cleaned up all of the old, unwanted programs on my
laptops and actually was working on two machines at once. It was amazing how quickly
he worked through the programs. He moved all of my email accounts over to Explorer
and sped up the operation and opening systems on my machines. I will continue to use
Mr. Lednick in the future and would recommend him highly.

He is a no-nonsense solution to your computer problems.

Thanks again Luis,

Brian Cincotta

Dear Luis,

Thanks a million for your professional knowledge about computers. You made my day
with placing the icons that I need on my Desktop. Explained every thing . Plus you
installed a new Super Multi DVD Rewriter soNow I can play DVD's and Play CD's
and Burn a Disk. . You helped me more than 100%.

Thanks again I will certainly refer you to my friends and neighbors.


Betty Nicholson

Mr Lednick was prompt and very effective in repairing one of our home computers.
He added memory and a new disc drive, and his charge for materials was very reasonable.
When, not if, we have computer problems in the future, we will certainly use his services.
Terence Van Orshoven, Ph.D.

“I have been using Luis to fix and maintain my computers and networks for 10 years
now and he has never let me down. Computers don’t break very often but when they
do it usually causes lots of stress in my business. This past week (right before year end)
my computer broke down just when I needed it most and of course I called Luis right away.
As it turned out it needed some major repairs and Luis had it fixed within 24 hours. I do not
know how I could ever beat that level of service.
Luis has always accommodated me and provides practical advice and services at reasonable prices.”

Hello Luis:

I want to thank you for fixing my computer so fast, I 'm glad I took the time to write your phone
number from your car.
I have in the past someone repair my computer and was ok, you are the first person who
is making my computer run very nice and want to thank you for your honest work.

A client forever who will recommend your work to everyone.

Ana Montes

My husband and I work as architect and interior designer. Luis has been helping us with our
computer problems, both personal and business, for more than 10 years. In all this time he
has been very courteous, quick to response, knowledgeable, and reasonable.
We have refer him to many of our friends and they all are very satisfied with his service.

Your extra effort and very prompt technical response to resolve my various computer/IT issues
for the last 10 years, have been great help and assurance to my small business operation as architect.
As my business grows and I am working around the world now, I can still count on your help even
I am not in San Diego area. This has really allowed to expand my business operation around the
world without any worry on IT matter, and I am very thankful for that.

Hope my business will expand more and you will be part of my business expansion in IT area.

Thank for your help again.

Chungil Rho, AIA

I’ve asked for help from Luis on numerous occasions when I’ve had computer issues, and found
him to be prompt, knowledgeable and always pleasant to deal with, his prices are fair and I would
recommend him to anyone anytime.


I would highly recommend Luis ’services and would be happy to answer any questions
anyone might have concerning my professional experiences with Luis. Luis has been a
great help to me, I don’t know what I would have done without him. He always helps
me when I call. His skills are high and he knows what to do.
I have been working with Luis for many years and I only have good experiences with his services.

Thanks Luis

Ed Reddinger

“We have used Luis Lednick’s services for our home computer needs for over 10 years.
He has been wonderful to work with and we can always depend on him to quickly correct
any problems or set up any new system. Luis is fair and extremely dependable.
We have recommended him to literally dozens of our close friends over the years and
we always get feedback that he did a great job!”

Bob and Maggie Cummings

Bob Cummings
Project Manager
Chelsea Investment Corporation
5993 Avenida Encinas, Suite 101
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Hi Luis
Yes Luis Really know his Computer I have use Other and Nothing worked
right after they Left I needed someone like Luis Lednick and Can Keep My
Busy up and running and that What he is all about Customer Service When
I need Him he there.
I will only Use him Now Thanks again for you help and Keeping my Job
Easyer Now Keep up the the Good work! I will Give Him a 5 ***** Star
For Very Good Work Thanks Your Customer

Rob Nelson
Nelson's Complete Piano Services


Luis provides prompt, top notch computer service.
We couldn't have run our business without him.
We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dr. Barbara Steele

Finding Luis Lednick was a miracle! His incredible computer
knowledge and quick fixes of my computer problems always
makes my day. Most important in this business climate is his
honesty and integrity.
Often, Luis had me at his mercy and could have easily charged
me hundreds of dollars more to get me back up and running,
since I didn't have a clue about the cause of my problem.
But when the problem was small to Luis, so was the fee and
even the worst problems were always solved quickly and at
such reasonable rates that I often left feeling like I should have
added a tip.

James Hill CEO Hillcrest Entertainment, LLC San Diego

Luis Lednick Computer Service has provided me with top level
technically support and service for over 10 years.
I have recommended his Computer Service to my family and friends.
He is honest, reliable and trusty worthy. I highly recommend him
to provide you or your business with the very best service for all
your computer needs.

Lynda a longtime customer

Professional, Reliable, Competitively Priced and best IT firm
I have ever worked with.

- Andrew J. Demos, CFP & CEO Spartan Planning

I count myself very fortunately to have been introduced to Luis Lednick
ten years ago. He has taken good care of my computer since that time.

I know that whatever computer problem I have I can call on Luis and it will
be fixed promptly and for a reasonable fee.

I am pleased to be able to recommend Luis to anyone who owns a computer
knowly that they will be in good hands.

Connie Nickell


To Whom It May Concern:
The following is a totally UN-biased and honest recommendation for the services that Luis Lednick
provides for all customers computer needs from the very novice to the expert who have a vast
amount of computer knowledge, and capability. This is meant to convey that Mr. Lednick's
capabilities are not limited to the single individual user, but to business needs who have a
large number of computer users in their system.
I have know and observed Mr. Lednick for the past (14) years, and he has provided me with
all my computer needs, repairs, and technical aspects including coaching of the various systems,
and software questions and needs.
I am a fairly well educated male adult who studied medicine, surgery, and eventually began
fitting patients with Contact Lenses, and then studied Law. After retiring from theses
professional fields, I became a Real Estate Investor, and eventually a property manager with
over 50 different Multi-Family buildings.
These different professions and endeavors, have provided me with experience in
dealing with many different, and sophisticated people and companies.
Further, I also know him as the father of three young "Holligan" sons, and also I know his wife,
and what a great father and human being his is. He has been in my home, many, many times, as
well as my offices, and his honesty and integrity is Beyond reproach.
I you choose to call me to verify, the veracity of this endorsement, please feel free to call me:
Kenny Hawkins

Luis is a very profesional computer expert. During his last visit he was
most helpful and patient. He explained and showed me how certain things work.
This will allow me to fix some problems by myself in the future.

Also, he added a couple of programs that are quite helpful to
keep my computer clean and running more efficiently.
I recommend him with no hesitation.
Good weekend. Brigitte


Thank you so much for your assistance this morning! I am all set up with
my new computer. I will make sure to refer your name to friends and family!
Have a great day,

Luis has been a great help to me, I don’t know what I would have done w/o his help, he has
gotten me through so many different problems and when I didn’t have much money he really
found ways to help with out costing me much. He always helped when I call, no problem, I even
started sending him money now and then, he never asked. His skills are high and he knows
what to do and if he doesn’t he tells you. I have recommended him to several people and they
have been happy w/ him.


If anyone needs computer work down PLEASE CALL:
Luis Lednick- 619-770-0011

He has saved my computer TWICE from DISASTER..........

I highly recommend him. He comes to your home and rates are reasonable.


Marlowe Brush


Phone: (619) 770-0011